The Research Group in Anthropology and Artistic Practices (GRAPA) from the University of Barcelona presents a series of workshops about Art and Anthropology in the framework of II Congreso Internacional de Antropología AIBR.

Performativity as embodied research methods

06. 09. 2016

This is a two acts proposal drived by Caro Novella, Marisa Paituví, Florència Vila and Lidia Moraño. In this proposal we present the Oncogrrrls project, a creative laboratory which, building from the notions of collaboration (Thrift, 2014), embodiment (Csordas, 2011), and assemblage (Deleuze and Guatari, 1987), uses performance-making as a method of individual and collective transformation. Oncogrrrls which is a temporal and itinerant artistic community, is a performative critical intervention about the experiences and narratives of transiting oncological treatment with women, queer, and trans individuals. In this presentation we will screen the performance pieces created in Barcelona (2013) and Mexico City (2015) as a starting point for a discussion on how performance and anthropology generate possibilities for research and transformation of subjectivities and social narratives at the meeting point of disease, corporeality and performance.  In the second part of this workshop we will perform a practice-led research through dance and movement exercises, based on Marleau-Ponty’s phenomenology and Erin Manning’s perception philosophy.

Competitiveness and collaboration in cultural work

07. 09. 2016

The aim of this sesion, facilitated by Vanesa Varela, Andrea Corachan and Sandra Anitua is to share some initiatives of collaboration between cultural workers that have taken place in the lasts years in the city of Barcelona. The proposal consist to brainstorm about campaigns and experiencis of fighting that have been articulated in a moment when we can not base the left wing political identity in the worker’s figure.

Networks and Traps in Anthropology and Art

08. 09. 2016

Conducted by Roger Sansi, this round table is part of an exhibition currently runing at Arts Santa Monica, Xarxa Zande, which uses concepts from the anthropology of art, like Alfred Gell’s notion of “art as trap”. In this round table we will discuss the conceptual models of the “network” and the “trap” in art and anthropology. It will involve the participation of the curator of Xarxa Zande, Oriol Fontdevila.

Open and free activity with pre-registration in:; theme: Activitats ASM


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