The sound thematization of place

2. 12. 2014. This seminar addresses the impact of urban regeneration project over the sensible environment of one of the older neighbourhoods of Lisbon, La Mouraria.

What can art do?

29. 10. 2014. Is it possible to build landscapes between aesthetics and politics that are relevant for a social majority today?

I am another: Self-splitting as a methodological strategy in the study of a nomadic music

26. 02. 2014. Starting from the ethnography of the salsa brava music scene in Barcelona, the author describes her self-splitting in a character in the salsa scene and a researcher.

Drawing methods: Graphical explorations of inscription

14. 01. 2016. This paper is an introduction to an open research process about the possibilities of graphical storytelling as a methodological object.

Relational esthetics and collaborative ethnography: co-producing publics

18.12.2015. This paper discusses the involvement of the ethnographer in a series of (at first unplanned) collaborations in the course of ethnographic fieldwork with artists working in an ex-industrial neighbourhood in East London, Hackney Wick.