27. 05. 2016  

Verónica Pallini

This presentation will highlight the different edges of the creation process of a theatrical event. First, exploring the stages for which a person goes towards her character. Second, analysing some of the internalised aspects in every individual, which are transformed by the theatrical practice, and examining in what way this changes affect in the social and personal life and in the aesthetic creation. Third, questioning this cores of analysis leads to the individual passage – to the collective- and to the social, in a non-linear, but dialectical sense, that means, conceiving the individual as an active subject with a capacity for innovation in a place (even though, determined in some way) in the social structure. From this point of view it is interesting to clarify each step of this creation process and demonstrate how this passages and strategic sites are formed.

Verónica Pallini. BA in Social Anthropology Universidad de Buenos Aires, MA in Cultural Management Universidad de Barcelona. Doctor in Social Anthropology at Universitat de Barcelona (Cum Laude) working on Anthropology of the theatrical fact. She is making an ethnography of theater inside theater, where the creative process of the actor unfolds, on the basis o fan expermental methodologica excercise where she is part of the research.



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